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You can follow the routes here during the race, in the bus as well as while accompanying a runner. If you have no internet connection (as can happen on some parts of the route), you should still be able to open this site and see your own location and the route to follow (as long as you have opened this site recently).


There are errata for the physical route directions; see the information below.


No car routes exist for switch points 3 and 10 because cars are not allowed there.


You are required to follow the routes as described on this site, you may not navigate to waypoints yourself.


If your location is not displayed (correctly) on the map, it might help to reload the page or try another browser.

Errata physical directions

Due to road works and other circumstances, there are again a number of changes to the runner and car route this year. This document shows all changes to the routes compared to the (physical) route booklet. These changes are leading and take precedence over the information listed in the route booklet. The fully correct representation of the route and times can be found on our website and in the online participant booklet.

To avoid misunderstandings, it is wise to include all errata in the route booklet. Write clearly in the route booklet what has been changed on the route! Do this not only for the night stages but also for the morning and afternoon stages! Experience shows that this is otherwise forgotten. So don't forget to write the errata throughout the route.

In addition, we recommend to use the online participants booklet as much as possible!

Car route

Page 39, to S.P. 13: Heelweg

Dist.Route descriptionAdditional Information
2,9After the bridge, 4th road on the rightGeneraalsweg
1,2Second road leftHogeweg
0,8First road to the rightMolenweg

Page 45, lower route table

Dist.Route descriptionAdditional Information
0,4Leave Hengeveld and follow the main roadBentelosestraat
2,0Turn right in the direction of Camping Bentelose EschEschweg
1,1Follow the bend to the left and go straight ahead at the crossingDorreweg