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Dear participant,

In this digital participants booklet you will find all necessary information about the 50th Batavierenrace. You can navigate between all information by using the different headings on the left side.


Please read 'Important Information' carefully before starting the race!

If you have any questions you can contact the information desk as of Friday, April 29, 9:00 am.

They can be reached by phone at (053-489) 3787 or you can ask them a question via Whatsapp at 06-32149641.


Chairman 50th Organizing Committee: Sander Bosma

Sander Bosma

A unique event to be proud of!

Many would agree that the Batavierenrace is an event that for 50 years has had three main components: Sport, fraternization and sociability. These 3 main components combined ensures its uniqueness and distinguishes itself from other events by far. 50 years is an unimaginably long period. To put it in perspective: In 1973, the year of the first edition, the first computer called 'Alto' had been invented by developer Xerox. 50 years later, company Meta has created a veritable virtual world that billions of people on earth have access to. The 1973 year also saw the launch of the space vehicle 'Mariner 10' into space, which would discover Mercury for the first time. Anno 2022 we as citizens can go into space for a bag of money for pure entertainment. What time can do is also true for the Batavierenrace: In one of the first editions the times were registered with a constator system, like those used by racing pigeons. Nowadays, participants run with a chip, which makes contact with a transmitter and thus registers all times in a central system. Times change, but the three concepts of sport, fraternization and sociability have been at the heart of the Batavierenrace for 50 editions. Whatever the future of the Batavierenrace will look like, this wonderful core will not change.

After two years of having online editions to cover the coronapandemic, this 50th edition may take place, as of old, physically. On April 29, the starting shot will sound for approximately 8,500 participants at the Grote Markt in Nijmegen. Not to mention the 750 people who work behind the scenes to make this event happen. To me it seems as if the Batavierenrace has not suffered from the pandemic because of the interest that has remained, because the BATA IS BACK!

For the tenth lustrum, the theme chosen was 'Bata to the Future', based on the film series 'Back to the future'. In this film series Marty McFly travels back in time. During this lustrum, extra attention will be paid to going back in time, with futuristic touches added. Our lustrum theme will be present on all fronts during the race, and participants will notice that this edition is special. We have ensured that participants from Nijmegen to Enschede will see beautiful things that characterize our anniversary. An edition to be proud of.

I would like to thank everyone who is involved in the Batavierenrace in any way. I hope everyone enjoys it and that together we will make it a great event.

Chairwomen Student Sport Netherlands: Helen de Rooij

Helen de Rooij

Lets go!

Finally we can go again! After two years online, finally the full Batavierenrace as we like to see it. As Student Sport Netherlands, we are very happy and proud that the Batavierenrace has been putting Student Sport in the Netherlands on the map for 50 years by organizing such a great sports event. We are therefore also very pleased that the Batavierenrace is affiliated with SSN. Here's to a long, wonderful collaboration!

I myself have always enjoyed participating in the Batavierenrace Race. It's great to see how the bond between student athletes and sports associations grows through this cool event. We hope to see this enthusiasm for a long time to come. So keep on playing sports and dedicate yourself to student sports!

We wish everyone lots of fun and success with the race. We are looking forward to cheer everyone on and celebrate Student Sport together!

See you at the finish!

Mayor of Enschede: Roelof Bleker

Roelof Bleker

Batavierenrace: an annual highlight

A field of approximately 8,500 participants, a mention in the Guinness Book of Records, the largest student party in the Benelux and this year's 50th edition. And then the starting shot still has to be fired! The Batavierenrace has been a household name for years and therefore it is impossible to imagine our event calendar without it.

Since 1974, Enschede has been the finishing place for the Batavierenrace. Although this finish location is a departure from the original route taken by the Batavierenrace - who headed for Rotterdam in 50 BC - Enschede fits into the picture of the Batavierenrace Race like no other. It is a city where we can achieve great things together. We dare to look beyond borders, are constantly looking for improvement and offer space to talent.

It gives me great pleasure that, in my first year as Mayor of Enschede, I can welcome the participants in the 50th edition of the Batavierenrace. In my time as a student at the University of Twente, I myself participated several times. Back then, I already experienced what a unique and fun event the race is. I assume that the enthusiasm of participants and public is still as great, even after two years in which the Batavierenrace could not take place as we are used to.

This also touches on the theme of this almanac: Bata to the future. Because this is an anniversary edition, the organization is looking back at the origins and development of the event, but also ahead to the future. I am confident that the race will continue to be an annual highlight in the future.

I wish everyone - in whatever form you participate - lots of fun and success at the 50th Batavierenrace Race.

Mayor of Nijmegen: Hubert Bruls

Hubert Bruls

In 1972, an enthusiastic group of students returned from a relay race in Sweden. "We should do this in the Netherlands too!" they shouted. And so it happened: the 1st edition of the Batavierenrace was a fact. Just as the Batavieren themselves had done in 50 BC, the race ran from Nijmegen to Rotterdam. Nowadays that is Enschede.

In the meantime, the Batavierenrace has become the biggest relay race in the world and is also the biggest student sport event in Nijmegen. An event that fits in perfectly with Nijmegen as a student and running city. And also fits perfectly with the profile of our city: Old city, young vibe.

There is an Ethiopian proverb that goes: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. And that's what the Batavierenrace is all about: meeting, working together and having fun. And all that together.

After a period of 2 years during which a physical edition of the Batavierenloop was not possible, the 50th edition can now be organized live. That makes this golden jubilee extra special. Make it a fantastic event together and on to the next 50 years.

I congratulate you warmly on the 50th anniversary, may there be many more editions!

Chairman Batavierenrace Foundation: Ger Boonen


Finally the time has come!

It has been three years since we ran a 'real' Batavierenrace. The past two years we had to make do with an online version. Corona has had a big influence on all of us and we are very much looking forward to a spring and summer full of events. And the Batavierenrace is one of them. And the 2022 edition is a very special one. This year the Batavierenrace will take place for the fiftieth time. This wonderful running race between Nijmegen and Enschede has been organized for and by students for 50 years. We are very proud of this tenth anniversary. We look forward to greeting you again in the heart of Nijmegen when the race starts. And on Saturday afternoon when the first motors turn onto the UTwente athletics track followed by the first runners finishing under loud applause. A thrilling end to a great race. A race that will seamlessly blend into the biggest student party in the Netherlands. We can't wait! Winning or not winning doesn't really matter. Performing together and having fun together is much more important. We have also been guests in Nijmegen, Germany, the Achterhoek, Twente and Enschede for fifty years. Have respect for the environment and for the people who live there. And without our volunteers, the Batavierenrace would not exist. If you meet one ... just say thank you.

Enjoy a fantastic race!