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In case of extreme weather


Read through this before you start the stage!

Hot weather

When the weather is warm, exertion puts a greater strain on your body than at lower temperatures. From an ambient temperature of 19°C, the risk of heat-related health problems due to exertion increases. Particularly when high temperatures are present in combination with high humidity and low wind speed, your body no longer cools properly. Therefore, some important tips during hot weather:

  • Drink enough before, during and after running: per fifteen minutes about 150 - 250 ml. Preferably drink an isotonic sports drink and not just water;

  • Drink before you get thirsty;

  • Also make sure you keep eating, sugars and salts must be replenished;

  • Wear thin, light and airy clothing;

  • Do not use a cotton t-shirt: it absorbs a lot of moisture, this will prevent you from cooling down properly;

  • While waiting, avoid the full sun and find a shady spot;

  • Keep a close eye on each other!

Cold weather / rain

During the night we can also experience low temperatures. Of course we hope not, but it can also rain during the Batavierenrace. Low temperatures, especially in combination with humidity and high wind speeds, increase the risk of hypothermia. Therefore, some tips in cold or wet weather:

  • Make sure you keep moving; standing still or (even worse) sitting still cools you down quickly;

  • Seek shelter from wind and rain;

  • Make sure you have dry clothing after the race as soon as possible;

  • Do not use insulating rainwear during the effort, but before and after the race. If you do want to wear rainwear during the race, choose well breathable clothing;

  • Keep an eye on each other!

Extreme weather

In extreme weather, the possibility exists that certain routes are shortened or cancelled. Race Management of the Batavierenrace will make this decision. Please keep an eye on the announcements of Race Management at the restarts and switch points and stick to it!

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