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Important information


Please read the information below and review the calamity schedule for participants before you start the race!

Important Announcements

No train traffic between Enschede and Almelo


There will be no trains to and from Enschede starting April 29!

Unfortunately, there will be no trains on the following routes during the Bata weekend (from April 29):

  • Enschede – Almelo

  • Hengelo – Delden

  • Hengelo – Oldenzaal.

This means that train traffic from Enschede to all student cities will be severely disrupted. Of course we regret this, unfortunately it is beyond our control.

In consultation with NS and Keolis, it has been arranged that NS and Keolis will deploy extra busses from Enschede Kennispark on Sunday May 1st between 09:00 and 13:00. This will allow approximately 3000 extra people to travel to Almelo and 400 people to travel to Delden in this time frame. Because this capacity applies for the whole morning, we urge you to leave as early as possible from the campus of the UT towards home.

Please try to avoid public transport where possible. You can park in the parking lot near the Grolsch Veste and the ice rink near the campus. From here it is less than 15 minutes walk to the campus of the UT. On the campus itself there will unfortunately be no additional parking.

In addition, teams leaving Enschede for Nijmegen on Friday evening before the start of the race will have to take into account a longer travel time. So leave well in advance in order not to miss the start and the mandatory moments (see team leader letter 3) prior to the race! Teams who want to travel to Enschede on Friday to spend the night at the UT camp site are advised to avoid the rush hour as much as possible.

Shuttle buses between Nijmegen Central Station and Radboud Sports Center

On Friday evening, April 29, from 20:00 to 00:00 midnight, free shuttle buses will drive between the start on the Grote Markt and the restart on the Radboud Sports Center. These buses run from bus stop 10 Central Station Nijmegen to the Radboud University Campus bus stop Erasmusgebouw. The busses depart, if you stand in front of the station, to the left of the station, at the bus stop near the Mercure hotel. It is also possible to board the bus at the Erasmus building bus stop and be brought back to Nijmegen Central Station.

The shuttle bus can be used for example for one of the following reasons:

  • As a team leader you have to report at 20:00 at Sports Hall 1, entrance near the climbing wall, RSC Nijmegen. You can use the shuttle bus to get here from Nijmegen central station.
  • Your team can watch the center stage at 22:30, and then take the shuttle bus from Nijmegen station to the Erasmus building to go to your own team-bus.