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Time registration system

The time you run is registered by the time registration system of the Batavierenrace. At the Batavierenrace this system is called eBART N3xt. This system is made possible in part by Nedap. Down below you can read how this system operates, how you help it register your time, where the times get published, and how you eventually can protest your time if you disagree with your listed time.

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How does the system operate?

An UHF-RFID transponder is placed in a front and back pouch of your team’s runners-jersey. As such, it does not matter which side you use as front or back. But still keep your team number visible, otherwise the switching point crew cannot verify your number. The transponder is read out at each switching point by the registration-box (this is the white box in the photograph). For this process it’s also important that the jersey is kept on, until the runner has finished the leg by passing by this white box.

When one of the transponders is registered by the registration-box, the time is logged. At the next switching point, the time is logged again. With the difference in time, the duration of your run is calculated. At the multiple group-starts, the start time of your respective start-group is used. It is therefore important that you start in the correct start-group, otherwise your start time will not be correct. If you foresee any problems, then please go to the information point and they may be able to help you.


During the last two stages of the race, the jersey is substituted by a duo of start-numbers on a rectangular piece of fabric. There is one set for each of the runners of the two last stages. It is important that you follow the instruction on the start numbers, as they consist of a distinct front and back version. Only in the piece which is marked as ‘front’ an dedicated UHF-RFID transponder is placed. This transponder is again also registered by a pair of UHF-RFID readers, which will be hanging from a truss-construction placed above the finish line.

One last tip!

If you want to be sure that your time is registered, take note of the (single) flash of a green or orange light and/or a beeping sound when you pass the white box at the runners-arc at the switching point. Address one of the switching point crew members if you didn’t notice the light flashing and/or the beeper going off (once).

Where can I find my time?

When you pass the arc and when registration has taken place, your team number and your unofficial running time can also be seen on the display on top of the van at the switching point. If this is not the case, please address one of the crew members.

After your registration send to and is received in Enschede, it is sent onwards to the race’s central database (CDB). In the CDB it is further processed by the Race Secretariat. They progress the registered times into stage times and apply potential time penalties. Next, after a few minutes, these times plus rankings will automatically appear on the Batavierenrace website. Note that these are the unofficial times. The unofficial times can also be obtained in the old fashioned way: you can check out printouts of these rankings on the side of the Bastille building next to the BataRadio studio. The definitive and final results will be published on the Batavierenrace website no later than the Wednesday after the race.

There is something wrong with my time, what should I do?

It may be that a penalty code has been noted and attributed and/or that something went wrong with the timekeeping. If you have questions about this you can reach the Race Secretariat via the protest number, 053-489 5333.

If you do not agree with the result, you can submit a personal protest to the Race Secretariat during the protest round in the sports centre at the University of Twente from 18:30 to 19:30 on Saturday evening, April 30. Or via the number above until 18:30 on Saturday April 30.

After that, you can submit protests to the Race Secretariat via the email address or through the form on our website until May 4.

The relevant regulations can be found in articles 22 and 23 of the competition rules.

foto wisselpunt

Example of a switching point with ‘runners arc’ and the white registration box to the right