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The race of...

Below you can read the stories of some of our committee members. Have fun!

Sarah Onrust - eBart

foto Sarah

After two years, finally a physical race again! The eBart is normally responsible for the time registration of the runners, which is done with the white boxes along the route and the tags in the vests. With two online Batavierenrace, our system has unfortunately stood still, but fortunately the eBart itself has not. As an organization member from two years ago and a member of the eBart, I set up the first online Batavierenrace together with my fellow OC'ers and eBart'ers and last year I helped with the time registration of the second online Batavierenrace.

This year, everything will run like it used to. With our two vans in the race, the eBart will ride with the entire race and solve problems at the change points, where necessary. As soon as the last restart is ready, we will quickly head to the finish line at the UTrack. Here the entire committee will meet again to set up the finish line together. If everything goes smoothly, we can then enjoy the finish line and toast to a successful race.

Huib de Jong - WL

foto Huib

It has been 5 years since I became active for the Batavierenrace, the biggest relay race in the world! After participating in the race myself, I got the Batavirus and became a member of the best committee of the Bata: the Race Committee. Together with my committee I see everything of the race, the accidents, complaining neighbors, a participant in the ditch with sanitary problems, but also the prevention of risk with heat. There is always something to do! The best part is working with all the volunteers, lots of people all with their own task. Even during the preparations I can't wait for the starting signal to sound again in Nijmegen and to finish it off with a long night of partying in Enschede. One thing is certain: I will see you again during the race!

Lieke Pullen - BataRadio

foto Lieke

In my first year, I already volunteered at the Batavierenrace, then as a simple freshman at setting up the finish line. After running the race myself, I ended up at Batamedia last year. During the race, we report on what's going on via radio, video and social media. This means that we are right in the middle of the race, and therefore get to experience most of it. From different locations we try to convey the atmosphere of the Batavierenrace, and so you (also) get to see all the fun and exciting things that other teams are doing. In general, this means little sleep for us, but above all lots of enthusiasm and fun! I am part of BataRadio myself, which means that I can be found at the microphone for a number of hours during the race. Listen to BataRadio during the race and look for us during the race, or in the studios in Nijmegen and Enschede!