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Committees at the Batavierenrace

The Batavierenrace would not be the Batavierenrace without the efforts of its many committees that are active throughout the year. Below you can read which groups are involved in the organization of the Batavierenrace and what they do.

Bataradio, Batavideo & Batasocial

Bataradio is the radio station for the Batavierenrace. For the entire race, they provide a well-filled radio programme that can be heard on Radio Ideaal (99.5FM) and 1Twente (105.1 FM). Meanwhile, Bataradio has been expanded with Batavideo, so that Bataradio can also be followed via a livestream on! Besides making radio and video, maintaining our social media channels is also a big job! Batasocial makes sure there is enough content online during the race.


This committee takes care of the development and maintenance of our own time registration system before, during and after the race: eBART: the extended Batavierenrace Automatic, Recording, Timekeeping System. This system is checked and renewed every edition, so the Batavierenrace can keep up.


The IT-committee is the committee that takes care of all ICT systems within the Batavierenrace. The website, the Bata app, the online results presentation, the photo plan and the central database are their domain. The central database contains all data about teams, employees, materials and vehicles that are needed for the Bata.

Motorcycle team leaders

This committee manages the 150 motorcyclists of the Batavierenrace. The bikers take care of safety on the route and at the switch points. The team leaders also advise the Organising Committee on possible route changes.

Radio Communication Service (RVD)

The RVD installs and maintains all communications equipment, from transmitter relays to porto's. They ensure that all parts of the organisation are in contact with each other in order to keep the race running smoothly.

Race Management (WL)

During the race, Race Management is responsible for the safety and progress of the race. To do this, they work on various protocols throughout the year to ensure safety.

Race Secretariat (WS)

The secretariat is responsible for the correct results of the Batavierenrace. For this purpose, it has an advisory role in the preparation period with respect to, for example, the adoption of the Competition Rules, the Registration Rules and the texts in the team leaders' letters.