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Behind the scenes

Have you seen the dixies at the changeover points? The hoodies worn by the crew? The big buses that drive to the restarts, Nijmegen and Enschede? The banners of sponsors hanging on the crowd control barriers? The signposts along the route? And not to forget the participant booklet you are looking at right now?

Nine students from Nijmegen and Enschede and 90 committee members from all over the country have been working hard to make this happen for you since September 2021. And this is just a very small selection of all the things that have been put in place to continue the tradition of the Batavierenrace again this year. Think for example of the permits, the traffic controllers, the website, all regulations, breakfast, lunch and dinner for all crew members, prizes, insurance and the time registration system.

In addition to the committee members and the Organizing Committee, there are over 700 crew members working today who are currently somewhere between the start and finish. All in all, there are almost 800 enthusiastic heroes who are committed to making this wonderful Batavierenrace possible for the 50th time.

This chapter gives you a look behind the scenes of the world's largest relay race. Who are the people behind the race? What work is done to provide over eight thousand students with an amazing, adventurous and epic weekend every year?

The 50th Organizing Committee

The 50th OC

Sander Bosma (Chairman) Karsten Hilbrands (Vice Chairman & Commissioner Race Enschede) Louisa Cordes (Secretary) Thomas Krullaars (Treasurer & Commissioner Facilities Enschede) Laura Scharstuhl (Commissioner PR & media) Gwen Beemer (Commissioner Race Nijmegen) Marleen ten Siethof (Commissioner Facilities Nijmegen) Lucas Slootweg (Commissioner External Affairs) Bob Fleer (Commissioner Internal Affairs)

Will you organize the 51st Bata?

Do you want to organize the 51st edition of the biggest student event in the Netherlands? Or have you always wanted to take on the challenge of a year on the board?

As a board member of the Batavierenrace you can choose to spend a year fulltime or part-time organizing this great event. Half of the board is based in Nijmegen, the other half in Enschede.

Looking for more information? Please contact us or take a look at our webiste!